RII60520-Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design


This qualification reflects the role of an individual working as a senior civil works designer or a para-professional designer supporting professional engineers. Individuals in these roles perform tasks that are broad, specialised, complex and technical, including strategic areas and initiating activities. They may undertake the design of complex projects and will often ensure the implementation of their client’s site requirements.

The qualification is suited to individuals who are required to demonstrate self-directed application of theoretical and technical knowledge and initiate solutions to technical problems or management requirements.

The RII60520 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design at Novus Education is suitable for individuals who:

Seek a Career in Civil Construction and Development: Those aspiring to enter the civil construction industry or advance their careers within this sector.

Desire Entry into Corporate Sectors: Individuals aiming to transition into corporate sectors related to civil construction.

Plan for Higher Education Pathways: Students intending to pursue further education or higher-level qualifications in this field.

This course caters to international students looking to build a career in civil construction and design, providing opportunities for employment in roles such as Civil Construction Supervisor, Civil Design Draftsperson, or Senior Civil Works Designer within the corporate sector. Additionally, it offers a pathway for further education, laying the foundation for higher-level qualifications in the industry.

The following units are included in this course, and all are required for the award of the qualification. If you successfully complete some but not all units, you will be awarded with a Statement of Attainment.


 Manage program risk



 Manage team effectiveness



 Apply safe design principles to control WHS risks



 Manage civil works design processes



 Establish and maintain a quality system



 Manage innovation and continuous improvement

Elective Group A


 Develop and implement business plans

Elective Group A


 Prepare detailed traffic analysis

Elective Group B


 Prepare detailed design of motorways and interchanges

Elective Group B


 Provide leadership in supervision of diverse work teams

Elective Group B


 Operate computer-aided design (CAD) system to produce basic drawing elements relevant training

Imported Elective


 Manage Meeting

Imported Elective

*Please be advised that our elective course offerings are periodically updated to align with industry trends, student feedback, and regulatory requirements, ensuring our curriculum remains current and relevant.

Course Delivery:
Mode of Delivery: Blended (Face-to-Face + Scheduled Online learning)
Location: Sydney Campus
Duration: Total of 104 Weeks (80 study weeks, 24 holiday weeks)

Training Structure:
Course Structure: Delivered over 8 terms of 10 weeks each
Training Hours: 14 hours of classroom training per week
Scheduled Online learning: 6 hours per week
Expected Homework: Approximately 2 hours per week

Teaching Approach:
Mix of theory and practical activities
Real-life workplace focus
Classroom-based learning and structured Scheduled Online learning

Assessment Methods:
Various assessment methods are employed, including:
Presentations and demonstrations
Individual tasks
Case studies
Role plays
Practical demonstrations
Group work

Course Material:
Access to modern classrooms and Wi-Fi
Provision of a Student Guide relevant to each unit
Trainers will outline assessment tasks at the beginning of each unit

Satisfactory course progress and attendance is very important in order to meet visa requirements. Please read the International Student Handbook carefully for more information. You will also be provided with further information about course progress and attendance requirements at your orientation.

Extra Classes: Provided based on identified needs
Trainer/Assessor Contact: Available via email, Zoom, in-person, and phone
Free Assessment Attempts: Two attempts offered
Reasonable Adjustments: Provided in training and assessment
Ongoing Conversations: Staff maintain dialogue to track course progress
Helpful Conversations: Supportive engagement for student queries or concerns

Additional Support:
Identification of Needs: Assessed during application/enrollment
Student Support Plan: Prepared based on identified needs (e.g., English as a second language, literacy, or numeracy assistance)

The Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design requires students to have specific resources, primarily a laptop with Office 365 or a similar program. The institution specifies the following resource requirements:

Resource Specifications:
Laptop with Minimum Requirements:
Processor: Intel® or AMD processor with 64-bit support; 2 GHz or faster
Operating System: Windows 10 or MacOS Big Sur
RAM: 10 GB or more (Windows), 2 GB or more (MacOS)
Hard Disk Space: 3.1 GB or more (Windows), 4 GB or more (MacOS)
Monitor Resolution: 1024 x 768 display (1280×800 recommended)
Graphics Processor: OpenGL 2.0-capable system
Internet: Necessary for required software activation and access to online services

Other Resource Information:
Costs Not Included: The expense for laptops is not covered in the course fees.
Provided Services: Access to Wi-Fi, modern classrooms, relaxation areas, and additional study spaces.
Student Guide: Materials relevant to each unit will be provided to support the course.

Ensuring that students have access to these technological resources facilitates engagement with coursework, software tools, and online services that are essential for successful completion of the program.

The course offers opportunities for students to apply for recognition of existing qualifications, skills, knowledge, or experience, termed as credit transfer or recognition of prior learning (RPL). Here are the key aspects related to Course Credit and RPL:

Course Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):
Credit Transfer: Students can apply for recognition of previous qualifications or experiences, which may reduce the duration of the course. Details about the process are available in the International Student Handbook, which is available at: www.novus.edu.au

Eligibility for Credit: Overseas students with substantial prior work experience or equivalent qualifications can seek course credits during the enrollment process.

How to Apply: Students can provide information about prior qualifications or experiences during the enrollment process, via the Enrolment Form. The application for course credits will be evaluated, and subsequent adjustments in course duration and fees will be made accordingly in the Student offer.

This process enables students with relevant prior learning or experiences to potentially reduce the duration of their course and fees, acknowledging their existing knowledge and qualifications.

Novus Education has the following entry requirements:
International students must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age and have completed Year 12 or equivalent.
  • be approved in the pre-enrolment evaluation to assess the suitability of the course for the student, and to understand student needs

International students must:

  • Have an IELTS* score of 6.0 (test results must be no more than 2 years old). English language competence can also be demonstrated through documented evidence of any of the following:
    • Educated for 5 years in an English-speaking country; or
    • Successful completion of an English Placement Test

Alternatively, English language proficiency can be established through documented proof of:

  • Completion of an AQF level 4 or above course in Australia within the last 2 years.

*Note that other English language tests such as PTE and TOEFL can be accepted. Students are required to provide their results so that it can be confirmed they are equivalent to IELTS 6.0.

To receive a breakdown of your tuition costs, please reach out to us at admin@novus.edu.au. Detailed payment plan and payment arrangements will be provided in the Offer Letter and Student Agreement. You must pay all of your course fees and on time. Non-payment of fees may result in cancellation of enrolment.

You are also required to take out Overseas Health Insurance Cover before arriving in Novus College provides details of OSHC providers in the International Student Handbook. You can approach any of these providers to find out costs and organise your cover. Additional costs associated with living in Australia are outlined in the International Student Handbook. You should carefully review these costs in relation to budgeting. Further information can be found at https://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/english/live-in-australia/living-costs

To apply for the RII60520 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design at Novus College, follow these steps:

Application Process:
Complete Enrolment Form: Fill out the enrolment form provided by Novus College.
Gather Supporting Documents: Gather all necessary supporting evidence, including copies of:
High School Certificate.
Proof of English language proficiency as specified in the entry requirements.
Submit Application: Submit your completed enrolment form along with the required supporting documents.
Review Offer Letter and Student Agreement: If your application is successful, Novus College will send you an Offer Letter and Student Agreement.
Review and Sign Documents: Carefully review the Offer Letter and Student Agreement. If satisfied with the terms and conditions, sign the documents and return them to Novus College.
Receive Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE): Once the signed documents are received, Novus College will issue you a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter and an invoice for the first payment.
Orientation and Induction: The first day of the course will include an orientation and induction session. This will cover campus information, living in Australia, accessing support services, and course progress requirements.

Ensure to thoroughly review all documentation provided by Novus College, especially the Offer Letter and Student Agreement, to understand and agree to the terms and conditions before signing and returning the documents for enrolment.

After completing the application process for the RII60520 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design at Novus College, the next steps involve:

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE): Upon returning the signed Offer Letter and Student Agreement, Novus Education will issue you a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter and an invoice for the first payment.

Payment of Course Fees: Ensure timely payment of all course fees as per the payment plan and arrangements outlined in the Offer Letter and Student Agreement. Non-payment of fees could result in the cancellation of enrolment.

Orientation and Induction: Attend the orientation and induction sessions on the first day of the course. These sessions will cover essential information about the campus, living in Australia, support services available, and course progress requirements.

Refer to International Student Handbook: The course outline should be read in conjunction with Novus Education’s International Student Handbook, available on their website. The handbook contains comprehensive information regarding student support, policies, and guidelines.

Begin Course: Once enrolled and oriented, start attending classes and engage in the course activities outlined in the curriculum. Familiarize yourself with the course structure, subjects, assessments, and resources provided.

Regularly refer to the provided resources, adhere to attendance requirements, and engage with support services for a successful learning experience throughout the course at Novus College.


Enrolment Steps

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